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Chef & Sommelier – Macaron Wine / Goblet

The Macaron collection translates the pleasure of a perfectly paired wine into its unexpected silhouette. Its bold, rounded contours are ideal for wine. Their strength is reinforced with a double shape of opened and closed glass.

The ingenuity of this glass doesn’t end there: its lip naturally meets the mouth thanks to a very specific design that enhances enjoyment. As for the spectacular and elegant shape of the champagne glass: it’s neither a flute nor a champagne coupe, it’s designed to open the aromas of sparkling wines and encourage an oenological tasting experience.

• Made from Krysta Extra Strong Crystal Glass
• Super Strength – 30% Extra rim strength compared to other standard Crystal Glass products
• Long Lasting Brilliance – Keeps its original qualities even after 2,000 cycles in a professional dishwasher
• Perfect Acoustics – Clear and high-pitched musical sound you expect from Crystal
• Sheer Rim – Very thin rim to convey the subtlety of the taste and of the aromas
• Natural 12.5cl marked on 40cl wine & flute
• Perfect for high-end venues
• Pleasant to hold and drink from
• Oenologists choice
• Innovative design

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