Chef & Sommelier Oenologue Expert Flute Champagne Glasses 260ml Effervescence Plus – Case Qty – 24


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Chef & Somellier – Oenologue Expert Flute

Glasses in the Oenologue Expert collection are designed to facilitate tasting down to the smallest detail, whilst remaining unassuming in appearance. With an elegant and unique shape, designed by Bordeaux vineyard owner and reputed oenologist, Dany Rolland, this glass demonstrates remarkable durability and delicacy. Each of the wines on your menu will express their full flavour when served in this collection.
• Made from Krysta Extra Strong Crystal Glass
• Super Strength – 30% Extra rim strength compared to other standard Crystal Glass products
• Long Lasting Brilliance – Keeps its original qualities even after 2,000
• Perfect Acoustics – Clear and high-pitched musical sound you expect from Crystal
• Sheer Rim – Very thin rim to convey the subtlety of the taste and of the aromas
• Effervescent Plus – meaning that any sparkling wine or beverage will continue to sparkle for longer, looking fresher and more premium.
• Technical stemware
• High-quality finish
• Elegant but unimposing
• Wide aerating bowl
• Flat and stable foot

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