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Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine Glasses 550ml 19.25oz – Case Qty – 12


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Chef & Sommelier – Sublym Wine

Unforgettable slender shape, a long and thin stem and dazzling glass:

The Sublym collection presents its harmonious and delicate silhouette to be used with all varieties of wines. Everything about its slender shape is elegant and upmarket, the extremely delicate lip makes wine tasting all the more enjoyable for your customers, without sacrificing strength. Pair with tumblers from the Primary collection.

• Made from Krysta Extra Strong Crystal Glass
• Super Strength – 30% Extra rim strength compared to other standard Crystal Glass products
• Long Lasting Brilliance – Keeps its original qualities even after 2,000 cycles in a professional dishwasher
• Perfect Acoustics – Clear and high-pitched musical sound you expect from Crystal
• Sheer Rim – Very thin rim to convey the subtlety of the taste and of the aromas
• Delicate, seamless stem
• Non-distorting bowl
• Tall and narrow
• Flat stable base

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