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ARC International has created the Chef & Sommelier brand for connoisseurs. It includes a wide range of wine and fine food product lines and an array of innovative technologies and support from the group’s research centre.


Chef & Sommelier has reinvented wine-tasting and has innovated by re-thinking designs, glass sizes and materials. The shape of the side of the glass determines the balance of tastes in one’s mouth. When the top of the glass opens outwards, one’s head remains vertical when drinking. The taste buds at the tip of the tongue come’s into play before the others; they will detect sweetness more than other sensations. Inversely, with a more closed-in rim, one must move one’s head back slightly when drinking. So the liquid is directed to the back of the tongue, where taste buds will tend to be more sensitive to acidity and bitterness.

Thin glass rims feel nice against one’s lips and direct wine properly into the mouth. A thin, elegant stem will make a glass to handle and a flat base will keep it stable on the table.

The size of a glass is a factor in one’s perception of a wine’s various aromatic layers. One’s nose must be able to take in a bouquet’s full diversity; from volatile, fruity and floral aromas in the upper part of the glass, to the wood and vanilla aromas at the bottom.

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Features: Kwarx®. a new cutting edge material developed by Arc International’s research centre.

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