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Degrenne XY Black Miroir Table Spoons 205mm – Case Qty – 12


Product lead time: 3 - 5 Weeks, Ordered direct from France as required

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Degrenne’s workshops shape the impressive reels of stainless steel and transform the raw material into cutlery. They use their unique expertise to create cutlery, which is characterised by being extraordinarily easy to use and sturdy. Degrenne cutlery is easy to look after and meets the most stringent quality, functionality and appearance criteria. The design quality and painstaking finishes make each of their items of cutlery true pieces of classic or contemporary flatware.

Degrenne cutlery is designed in partnership with chefs or by giving their designers free rein. Some items have simple lines, while others are more elaborate, but every Degrenne design takes pride of place on a table.

XY Black – A collection of place settings with a very pure design which seduces by its elegant and fluid lines, allying strength and character. An asserted and differentiating style, faithful to the creation and innovation of Degrenne. Being inspired by current culinary tendencies, XY revisits the traditions and offers an elegant and sophisticated formal approach, which participates in the pleasure of tasting.

A specific manufacturing process, PVD (Physical Vapour Deposit) allows the deposit of a fine coat of a very hard material (nitride of chromium). Flatware becomes more resistant to scratches (up to 4 times more), and benefits from an effect of a black tint which is exceptionally hard wearing, which is easy to maintain and is fully dishwasher safe.

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